Engineering Films

Our core competency is visualization of Engineering Products, Projects and Processes, through films which use – videos, images, animation etc. We understand engineering and how to combine hardcore engineering with classical film making, thereby creating crisp and apt visual communication collateral for Engineering Companies. Engineering Companies use these films for various Marketing & Training purposes – External & Internal Communication – from Product Launch, Project Launch, Project Archiving, Engineering & Management Training, Bidding, Management & Client Presentations etc.

  1. Product Profile: For product based engineering or non-engineering companies (for eg. Manufacturing, Steel, FMCG, Plastics etc.), showcasing their products for various purpose (Launch / Marketing / Advertisements etc.) are required. We understand the Technical Aspects of the Products and their adjoining engineering processes and help our clients present them as per their requirements through the medium of Films.
  2. Project Profile: In case of project based engineering companies (for e.g. Civil, Infrastructure, Mass Rapid Transit Systems, Aviation, Marine, Mining, Tunneling etc.) complex projects need to be showcased and archived well for various purpose – from Branding, Bidding, Marketing, Client Presentations to Training etc. – where these films communicate not only how the complex projects will look like once completed but also will showcase the step-by-step process of implementing the projects with all their criticalities and how well these companies managed them.
  3. Process Films: Engineering Processes for various industrial purpose used in sectors of Steel, Cement, Sponge Iron, Sugar & Alcohol, other Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotech sectors need to be showcased using films for many companies who need to communicate about their products and processes for Marketing, Training and Advertisements. It requires though understanding of the Science and thereafter convert it into a film. We expertise in making such crisp and apt films using animation, graphics, videos and images.
  4. Static Images: We develop High Resolution Static Images that find multiple applications - from showing a timeline based progress of a project under construction or production to a view of how a project shall look like once completed. We pictorially depict our client’s vision, idea, process and thoughts, designs etc. Clarity in thought can be best explained through Visualization and images find a new meaning in businesses today as infographics. We develop meaningful, aesthetical and accurate images that serve the purpose.

Our key competency is our - turn-around time, understanding the science and technology (domain) underneath and developing the communication thereafter for the companies, while their officials can be comfortable about the task handed over to us. We deliver hassle free to our clients – On Time, With Quality.