Engineering Visualization – Why and How?


Engineering Visualization - Why and How?

Engineering is one of the most difficult things to communicate. Be it a product, project, process or a design, the technicalities are always to some extent mathematical and complex. Therefore, the communication had so far been among people with similar engineering intellect. But the business requirements today demand little more than that.

The present day businesses involve multidisciplinary people working together for common financial goals. This automatically demands that in today’s business scenario, communication must happen seamlessly across divisions and disciplines.

Communication has been, singularly, the biggest mode of knowledge transfer. Business organisations rely heavily on it to perform. From employee engagement to client servicing, fortunes are spent. The Right to Tell has led to the Right to Know. With Business Communication turning visual, it has now become all the more relevant.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place” - and the irony hidden in the statement was aptly hammered home by the inevitable George Bernard Shaw. Communication has been, for long, the cornerstone of existence. Our caves are filled with drawings of civilisations which grew with time. Visual communication has been around since time immemorial. The caves have given way to conference rooms, but the hunger to absorb information, remains to be satiated. Business Communication in visual mode is now a necessity and here are the reasons why:

  • It is the most effective way to gain attention as well as engage an audience. The problem of lack of knowledge is also dealt with here. An audience devoid of the requisite knowledge on the subject can be subjected to a visual presentation with remarkable results.
  • Visual Communication enhances the scope of an oral performance. Suddenly, the graphs and the data on the screen becomes a tale to the voice standing in front of it.
  • The biggest advantage of Visual Communication is quick decision making. With facts represented pictorially, the human brain conceives it easily. Understanding becomes seamless and integrated to the objective of the presentation.

We at Anthelion Technology Pvt Ltd, are addressing the Communication Requirements in Engineering using Visualization.


Visual communication is hence an intricate component of engineering business operations today. It helps in branding and media launches of products and projects to captivate customer attention and help them make informed decision. It is also an important tool in Training, Client Presentation, Project Planning and Technical Qualification in bidding.

While general business sectors have many such agencies working in the visualisation design and films of their products, the sector of Engineering has hardly any. The creative developers in the agencies and creative houses come from creative backgrounds without the understanding of the complicated detailing of engineering domain.

The complication of Engineering Products & Projects becomes a hindrance for the developer to decide what to visualize and how to visualize eating up a lot of time, energy and resources, thereby leading to multiple iterations to get it right as per client's requirements. The clients (Engineering Companies) on the other hand has limited time and resources to be put in for the development of such films and collateral. It is therefore a Pain and a Gap in both sides to get an effective, crisp yet detailed Engineering Visualisation Film made.

However, the requirements in Visual Communication are immense for every field of Engineering today - Aerospace, Manufacturing, Marine & Ship Building, Mining, Civil & Infrastructure, Power (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Renewable), Oil & Gas, Logistics, Real Estate and Education etc.


The most important step in making an Engineering Film is understanding the – Purpose, Audience and Domain Knowledge of the Project, Product or Process. Based on the understanding, which is essentially provided by the client by providing all the relevant documents, drawings, brochures, images and videos available, the client appoints one person with complete understanding of the project, product or process who then explains to us all relevant details, USPs, differentiation (with respect to the client & competition) and answers our questions and confusions. This is the understanding phase or Phase 1.

Post the Understanding Phase, comes our most valuable Value Addition – the domain research and communication content development. At this stage we do extensive research based on the Purpose, Audience and Content provided by the client to develop the final set of the Communication Content – the correct order and with right terminologies, which best suits the Purpose and Audience of our clients. This is Phase 2 and the most important phase for the development of a Powerful, Effective and Crisp Film.

Thereafter we create the Script which is then the backbone of the film. At this stage we need a few iterations before the final approval. On approval, we get the script recorded and develop a storyboard. This is Phase 3.

Next we develop the apt Visual Content – be it Photography, Videography, Graphics or Animation. Based on the script and storyboard, we finally structure our audio and visual contents and develop the apt background music. This is Phase 4.

Finally, we edit the contents to make it into a film and after maximum two iteration, make the final delivery. This is Phase 5.

In the present competitive market every company is transforming and modernizing itself to match the international standards. This involves leadership in idea - creating unique designs, presenting them to the right forum at the right time. Playing in these fields require an extra edge, especially in the field of communication. The requirement of Visualization is therefore an intricate part & parcel of business operations today. It not only helps in branding and media launches of products & projects to mesmerize the customers and help them make informed decision in favour of the companies, but also is an important tool in Training, Client Presentation, Project Planning and Technical Qualification in bidding.

At Anthelion Technology Pvt Ltd, we help our clients create the most effective and crisp communication collaterals.