Interactive Presentations

New Age Communication is different paradigm with respect to the traditional ones. Prospects and Clients can be reached across the globe through internet and social media instantaneously. While “World is Shrinking”, so is the attention space of human. Officially the human attention is now typically between 13 – 16 seconds before is flickers away to something next.

Companies have to therefore either sell in 13 to 16 seconds or hook the customer or prospect within that time so that he / she stays longer. One of the key tool for the digital world to hook customers beyond their general attention span is Anthelion Technology’s “Interactive Presentations”, which enable the viewer to get entangled in the Virtual / Augmented world and thereby helps the companies sell their ides / services / products.

We have developed such Interactive Presentations in Real Estate, Manufacturing, Education and Engineering domains and they have been explicitly used for Marketing, Branding, Sales Presentations, Training, Quality Management, Reporting and Archiving activities by our clients.

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