Training Manuals

Human Resource training is one of the most time consuming, tedious and yet important job of the HR department or the organization. The sole responsibility is to completely align and orient the Human Resource to the company philosophy, vision, technology, process making efficient teams that provides the most optimized and efficient service with minimum wastage in Time & Resource.

Anthelion Technology is rigorously working in this domain since inception and we have tried to develop the most effective Communication Collateral for Training Purpose using our Content Development tools – Animation, Video, Photography, Graphics, Voice-over & Sound Designs, Interactive Presentations, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our Training Modules have been used by the industry giants like – ITC, Tata Steel, L&T, HCC etc. for -

  1. General Training: We make training films for Graduate Engineer Trainees or Management Trainees for functional or behavioral trainings as well as for Change Management Programs. We have developed Interactive Presentations and captured Seminars and Events in Indexed Presentations to be used for multiple training purposes. The efficiency of the work force depends heavily on such Training Modules.
  2. HSE Induction: Health, Safety & Environment Induction training across various manufacturing, mining, shipping and construction companies is very critical and requires extensive detailing. We make training films that represent every aspect of safety that employees need to maintain and be aware of as per your requirements and standards and helps companies avoid critical incidents.
  3. Installation Manual: Imagine two situations; one when your employee is new to your organization and second when you launch a new or redefined product that is accompanied by a written installation manual. In both cases the time consuming reading activity of an installation manual can be made easy, interesting and deliverable to a mass gathering through a film or pictorial representations in a film. The training process then becomes more streamlined, easy and time efficient. We help you do that.
  4. Maintenance Manual: The Maintenance Manual provides maintenance personnel with procedures and guidelines for maintaining equipment, materials, facilities, techniques and other information of the department in the form of easy to understand, simple and crisp films that gets embedded in their heads easily. This manual provides uniform operating procedures (SOPs) and performance guidelines. We make films to ease the process of reading thereby making it a time efficient procedure.
  5. Quality Management Manuals: We help our clients establish high degree of Quality Standards throughout the production processes or Project Activity by creating Quality Management Manuals (in the form of Films / Image based presentations) which can be used from the Management to lowest ranks in understanding how to maintain and manage Quality in the Business Processes.

A strong work force is the only assured means of success for a business and that can only be achieved by imparting efficient and effective training to the Human Resource. Achieving this feat might have many processes or options but one thing that is a must is the apt, effective and crisp Training Manuals, which can –

  1. Communicate simply and effectively
  2. Be referred to at a later stage
  3. Be hosted in a central place such that it is accessible to all

Anthelion Technology makes such effective, crisp, simple and apt Training Module for today’s Industry Leaders. If you are in need to such training modules, please connect with us and our team shall arrange a presentation for you right away.