Visual Aspects of Engineering Communication

Engineering communication has long been dealt with a rudimentary approach, that with data and figures, and has usually been compared to another set of documents. With the advent of technology, Engineering Communication has turned into a visual memoir of information. It is no more confined to the 2 dimension world of paper and sketches but is now seen and heard. Engineering communication is now an audio visual phenomenon and in this article we will discuss and fathom the changing face of a once officious technical document.

For centuries, it dawned upon engineers that their tasks lay in designing and building products and it was because they would involve themselves solely in this purpose, it was alright to keep the communications within technical drawings and mathematical equations. It is a stereotype that has stuck on. Just look at the heaps of stencilled paper one will come across in an engineering firm. But clichés have a habit of changing, or in this case transforming. Now, visual form of communication has nailed it on the head. Crisp, concise, and knowledge based films have stolen the show.

It is rather unfortunate to have witnessed the near nil urgency in training the talented engineer to visually represent his/her idea forcing him/her to stick to the archaic method of pen and paper.

Edward O. Wilson, in his seminary work, had coined the term Biophilia, or “the intrinsic human nature to affiliate oneself to other living systems”. Through Visual Engineering Communication, that human being has now finally found a voice. An audio-visual medium which would explain the intricacies of a manufacturing process or a construction methodology, in the same lucid expose, as a feature film immediately captures the imagination of the viewer.

A visually enriched presentation of an engineering procedure does have the following effect:

  1. You suddenly have a larger audience attuned to your idea and appreciative of your imagination.
  2. The understanding of the procedure is spread across a larger audience, who will now be ready to work or implement your piece of advice.
  3. While you design your idea, you learn the process of designing too. Now this is an iterative process which will usually lead to more brilliant presentations and designs in the future.
  4. The conclusion or the call to action is more pronounced. That is because through your audio visual presentation you have been able to create a future evidence of what exactly is coming up or at least what the intention is.

At Anthelion Technology Pvt. Ltd., we endeavour to translate an engineer’s vision into an experience. Our experience in creating visually enriching features is what sets us apart. At Anthelion Technology we believe in creating a signature product, where the visionary and the viewer, are both keepers of the same imagination. It is a journey that we have chartered successfully and the effect has been excellent.

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