Who We Are

It Starts with a Vision...

Imagination has shaped the society and evolved human race since inception. Meticulous engineering, precise planning and diligent execution lead to an unblemished transformation of imagination to reality, and therefore demand something more to be communicated at various stages - VISUALIZATION - and that is what we do the best.

At Anthelion Technology Pvt. Ltd, we believe that whatever the human mind can conceive, can be made to visualise. We help our clients conceive and visualize their dreams, concepts, ideas, processes, projects and products through Videos, Images, Graphics, Virtual Reality (VR) aided technologies and computer generated imagery (CGI).

Anthelion Technology Pvt. Ltd was formed on 7th of April, 2008 by Mr. Dipayan Banerjee and Mrs. Shashi Prabha Sharma.

In the present competitive market every company is transforming and modernizing itself to match the international standards. This involves leadership in idea & communication - creating unique designs, presenting them to the right forum at the right time. Playing the right chords in these fields require an extra edge, especially in the field of marketing, branding, media activities as well as training.

Visual communication is hence an intricate component of business operations today. It helps in branding and media launches of products and projects to captivate customer attention and help them make informed decision in favour of the companies. It is also an important tool in Training, Client Presentation, Project Planning and Technical Qualification in bidding.

While general business sectors have many such agencies working in the visualisation design and films of their products, the sector of Engineering has hardly any. The creative developers in the agencies and creative houses come from creative backgrounds without the understanding of the complicated detailing of engineering domain. The complication of Engineering Products & Projects becomes a hindrance for the developer to decide what to visualize and how to visualize eating up a lot of time, energy and resources, thereby leading to multiple iterations to get it right as per client's requirements. The clients (Engineering Companies) on the other hand has limited time and resources to be put in for the development of such films and collateral. It is therefore a Pain and a Gap in both sides to get an effective, crisp yet detailed Engineering Visualisation Film made.

However, the requirements are immense for every field of Engineering today as they need the support of Visual Communication - Aerospace, Manufacturing, Marine & Ship Building, Mining, Civil & Infrastructure, Power (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Renewable), Oil & Gas, Logistics, Real Estate and Education.


We offer the following three deliverables

1. Films & Images   

We make Films with graphics, video, animation and voice over (if needed) for our clients. Our films are typically between 2 minutes – 45 minutes in duration and are developed based on the exact purpose and audience of the client which in turn depends on the Engineering Product or Project. We also develop High-Resolution Static Images used for various purposes of engineering visualization.

2. Interactive Presentation with Content Delivery System (CDS)    

Besides developing the Video or Image content mentioned above we also develop Action Script based content delivery system which enables the interactivity of the content with the end user and enables the end user to have an informed decision and associate with the project/product at any point of time. This in turn, helps them to take a positive decision in the favor of the project/product.

3. Dynamic Web Solutions & Applications

We develop Web and mobile Applications based on Organizational Communication or Business Requirement - Websites, E-Commerce Portals, Web Applications, Mobile Applications (iOS & Android) etc.

We thus combine Complex & Critical Engineering Knowledge with Classical & Artistic Visualisation Skills to create Visual Communication collateral used for Marketing or Training for the Engineering Companies. We are a young team with state of the art infrastructure and passion to create every delivery better than the previous one. We stay hungry, we stay foolish..!!