Why choose us?

At Anthelion Technology Pvt Ltd, we combine Complex Technology with Classical Art – creating symphony and synchrony of Engineering and Visualization.

While general business sectors have many such agencies working in the visualisation design and films of their products, the sector of Engineering has hardly any. The creative developers in the agencies and creative houses come from creative backgrounds without the understanding of the complicated detailing of engineering domain. The complication of Engineering Products & Projects becomes a hindrance for the developer to decide what to visualize and how to visualize eating up a lot of time, energy and resources, thereby leading to multiple iterations to get it right as per client's requirements. The clients (Engineering Companies) on the other hand has limited time and resources to be put in for the development of such films and collateral. It is therefore a Pain and a Gap in both sides to get an effective, crisp yet detailed Engineering Visualisation Film made.

However, the requirements are immense for every field of Engineering today as they need the support of Visual Communication - Aerospace, Manufacturing, Marine & Ship Building, Mining, Civil & Infrastructure, Power (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Renewable), Oil & Gas, Logistics, Real Estate and Education.

Creatives and Film making are done by many. The value that we bring to the table are –

  1. The Engineering Sense: Engineering is our core understanding. We expertise through our eight long years of working with the best names of Engineering in the country and on the most complex of projects and products across the entire length and breadth of India. We have worked in a wide range of sectors ranging from Oil and Natural Gas, Railways, Construction, Marine, Coal Mining, Steel, Bulk Material Handling, Energy and so on. Close interactions with clients, immense analysis, near natural animation and cost effective and timely delivery have brought under our feathers over 40 Indian clients and 2 international clients thereby successfully delivering over 65 projects in 8 years. Engineering visualization and engineering films with crisp visual communication is what we do best.
  2. The Creative Visualization: We design fresh, crisp and effective films. The content is detailed and thoroughly researched. We try to challenge our own creativity with every new project. That’s why our client come back to us again and again as we raise our own bar every time.
  3. The Cost & Time – We deliver On Time, With Quality, at the most Competitive Price in India.

With so much effort that we put in to make our work stand out, the most important value that we provide to our client is the COMFORT – you give us the work and relax. We shall help you create the most apt collateral for your business in Engineering.